A list resource that has a focus on iOS programming, but the list also covers other programming topics, math, and general tech subjects.

This page will be updated at intervals to keep it interesting 🙂

Programming Language Origin Stories

In this page which I try to keep working on every now and then I lay out the origin stories of all well know or widely used programming languages:

Programming Language Origin Stories

Definitions and Key Terms

Definitions and Key Terms (with an emphasis on Swift)

Swift Data Types

Swift Data Types


Here are some books I have used in the past or which I am reading currently or using:

A) Machine Learning for Dummies (Picking up machine learning using R, Python, and with the use of Matlab and so on).

B) Cracking the Coding Interview – 6th Edition (This is essentially a guide to key knowledge needed for technical interviews).

C) Python 3 – The Hard Way (this is actually a relatively basic book on Python 3).

D) Head First Design Pattens (a sort of more modern and slightly different alternative to the famous GoF design patterns book – also with a different set of patterns).

And many more…

On my current list of books to read current are:

A) RxSwift: Reactive Programming with Swift (a RayWenderlich book)

B) Design Patterns by Tutorials: Learning design patterns in Swift 4.2 (a RayWenderlich book)

Articles Indexed by Chapters of Cracking the Coding Interview

This page lists the articles on my site indexed by chapters in the “Cracking the Coding Interview” book by Gayle Laakmann McDowell:

Articles By Chapters of Cracking the Coding Interview

3rd Party Websites


An excellent resource for learning problem-solving in your programming language of choice. Not all questions have the option to use Swift for a solution, but this gives you a chance to pick up other languages. This site is actually used by big recruiters for online coding tests for selecting candidates for interview.


Mega blog site by Paul Hudson. Lots of well-researched articles and posts on here. Also, someone to follow on twitter if you like.


Newer and interesting iOS developer newsletter.


The famous Ray Wenderlich site, a key resource for many a developer over the years. Originally the context was Objective-C based, it moved eventually to Swift focused, after the Swift language stabilized. It takes the form of a series of articles by different contributors, typically these walk though example implementations and provide a link to GitHub source-code. They also have video resources, a podcast, and a range of books for purchase (these can be somewhat our of date in content, but useful if one is aware of this).


Of course, this is good for networking but it’s also cool to join relevant LinkedIn groups that focus on sharing articles around particular relevant topics.

YouTube Channels

There are a number of YouTube channels that share relevant content on coding apps. Here a small selection of some I like:

iOS Programming Focussed Youtube Channels

Sean Allen

Good guides of stuff in Swift, particularly like his new “Swift News” series.

Ray Wenderlick

Content from the site referenced above.


Some of the content on this channel is pretty random but some really good.

Lets Build That App

This channel is a personal favorite of mine since Brian Voong has some strong industry experience behind him, and he goes quite in-depth on good coding practices, and how to design cool UI’s without storyboards etc.

Brian Advent

Non-iOS Specific Programming Channels

Coding Tech

A cool mixture of programming tutorials in different languages such as Python, React, JS, Go, and NodeJS.


More general CompSci stuff, with videos on Python and Ruby.

Maths and Physics Channels


Cool Math


Cool Math



Math & Physics stuff

New Swift Stuff

Swift UI





There are a number of interesting podcasts you can listen to on programming topics (you can use the podcast app on your iPhone to get these). Here is a small selection of podcasts focussing on iOS development in Objective-C and Swift, this honestly varies between being actually useful and being just kinda amusing (some of these include):

Fireside Swift

Swift Unwrapped


More Than Just Code

And there are several more …

More General Resources


General vids on computer topics like security, and hacking and so on.


Linus is a pretty out there dude but loves building PC and doing crazy experiments with GPU and ASICS and checking out crazy multi-core processors etc.

Really interesting general programming information and guidance from the rather funny speaker and author that is Sandi Metz, who specializes in Ruby programming: “https://www.sandimetz.com/speaking/”


My presentations (shareable for educational use as long as attributed).

Polymorphism in Swift

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